Research topics of the professors

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This is the focus of our colleagues:

 Research topic

Prof. Dr. Uwe Altenburg


Prof. Dr. Oksana Arnold

Artifical Intelligence

  • Planning in complex application areas (taking into account uncertainty of information, temporal reasoning, replanning activities)
  • Building robots and other intelligent devices for kids (in order to gain their interests in computer science)


  • game-based eLearning for Theoretical Computer Science,
  • Adaption for eLearning application (using AI planning methods to adapt eLearning applications)

requirement based engineering

  • Using AI and theoretical computer science methods to support UML model extraction
  • Using logics to prove soundness and completeness of requirements

Prof. Dr. Steffen Avemarg

Mobile ComputingTopics:

  • Device Platforms and Systems
  • UI and UX for mobile Devices
  • Platform-independent Solutions
  • Mobile Payment
  • Communication between mobileDevices and Backend Systems

Software Architecture Topics:

  • Architectures for mobile Applications
  • Backend Architectures for mobile Applications and Systems

Prof. Dr. Kay Gürtzig


Prof. Dr. Volker Herwig

Cloud Computing

  • Service Measurement in Cloud Environments
  • Security in Cloud Environments
  • Cloud-based BI for Cloud Solutions as SaaS

IT Architecture and Strategy

  • Documentation
  • Development

Mobil Business Application

Prof. Rolf Kruse

Natural User Interfaces

  • Multitouch
  • Touchless Gestures
  • Tangible Interaction
  • Physical Computing

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Immersive Environments
  • Mobile AR
  • Pervasive Games

Interactive Media for Children

  • Serious Games
  • Digital Classroom

Prof. Dr. Ines Rossak

data integration

integration of heterogeneous databases matching and synchronization data among heterogeneous databases

data quality (data profiling, data cleansing)

Prof. Dr. Jörg Sahm

C++ Programming

  • Efficient Programming
  • Software Design
  • Software Paradigms

Games Programming

  • 3D Graphics
  • Realtime Renderig of Large and Dynamic 3D Scenes
  • Atmospheric Rendering

Prof. Dr. Gunar Schorcht

Wiresless Sensor Networks (WSNs)

  • Indoor Localization with High Precision
  • Power Efficient Routing Protocols
  • Security in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Building Automation Applications

Network Simulation

  • Modeling Networks Architectures and Protocols
  • Network Traffic Models
  • Behavioral Modeling of Networks
  • Performance Simulation

Prof. Dr. Volker Zerbe

Model based Systems Engineering

Embedded System Design.