Educational Game App for Teaching: "It's Now Lotte"

On behalf of miriquidi Filmproduktion, a team of the department of Applied Computer Science, in close cooperation with the Department of History Didactics at the University of Erfurt, developed a learning game app in the transmedia education project „Call her Interne Beteiligte: Paul Pestov, M.Sc. Annette Roß, B.Sc. Jana Nuding, B.S c . Externe Beteiligte: Prof. Dr. Christiane Kuller/ Universität Erfurt Antje Schedel/ Universität Erfurt Anna-Rosa Haumann, M.Sc./ Universität Erfurt Kelvin Autenrieth, M.A./ Game Designer Leipzig Projektleitung: Prof. Rolf Kruse Laufzeit: 30.11.2015 - 31.12.2016 Drittmittelgeber: miriquidi Filmproduktion Leipzig/ München Drittmittelsumme: 12.257 € Lotte“. The goal is to evaluate the use of the most modern interactive media technologies in history teaching in terms of three design factors: high motivation, innovative methodology and systematic competence orientation. In this serious game, pupils in the role of „detectives“ recon-struct the profi les and relationships of three fi ctitious charac-ters who had very different biographies and forms of persecution in the „Third Reich“. Historical connections from the Nazi era are thus playfully elaborated, as well as complex questions about friendship and exclusion are addressed in a lively and multiperspective way. The innovative interaction concept combines the multimedia presentation of information (text, image, fi lm, panorama, 3D) with physical action and strengthens pupils’ media competency. The classroom becomes a „play space“: the distribution of information fragments and tasks in the space (location-based) and the superimposition of analogous materials with digital information (augmented reality) amplifi es the multi-sensory immersion into the situation. It provides alternative approaches to different types of learners (kinesthetic, visual, shy, analytical, communicative, etc.). The research in teams (tandems) as well as the combination and matching of the collected information in the group promote the collaboration capability of the players.

For practical testing, a complex, interactive multi-player application was developed based on current cross-platform web technologies (Ionic 2, NodeJS server, NoSQL database) with extensions for localization and augmented reality. The technical and organizational effort for school and teachers remains manageable. The concept and the prototype were tested in May 2017 in a 9th grade of the Otto-Lilienthal regular school in Erfurt.