Master Angewandte Informatik

The master’s program Angewandte Informatik leads to the major Master of Science (M. Sc.) after 3 semesters. The teaching language is German and English.


Aim of Study

The application-oriented master’s program Angewandte Informatik is consecutive following the 7 semester bachelor’s program. The Master leads to a second degree with professional qualification.

The aim of the application-oriented program is to extend the knowledge acquired at the bachelor’s program (such as mathematics, algorithms, technologies, and programming). On the other hand the students shall further specialize their field of application in a specific topic. Furthermore, abilities like structured analyzing of complex requirements, proposing appropriate solutions, planning and coordinating implementations, are taught. The foundations for this are interdisciplinary thinking, scientific approaches, and conceptual work.
Our graduates are able to be responsible for management roles in planning and execution of challenging multidisciplinary projects.

Teaching Profiles

Defining teaching profiles serves the purpose that students can study according to their interests. Students can specialize in areas of applications that follow the most important trends of information technology.

Intelligent Networked Systems

This teaching profile is part of Computer Engineering. Considering Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 it deals with systems which consist of several networked and cooperating components to reach an intelligent functionality of the system in a defined environment. Topics such as Design of Embedded Systems, Robotics, and Learning Systems are taught.

Web Engineering and Interactive Media

This teaching profile is part of Media Computer Science. In context with an increasing number of web-based services it deals with the advanced development of complex interactive applications. Basis is a user-centered design of interfaces and intelligent integration of current web technologies to implement mobile and stationary systems. This specific expertise is combined with practical experience for planning and coordinating sophisticated projects.

Enterprise and Mobile Computing

This teaching profile is part of Business Computer Science. It deals with the development, utilization and operation of IT-Systems in business enterprises. The teaching profile satisfies the strong tendency towards mobile IT-Systems in economic enterprises. Topics such as IT-Strategy and IT-Architecture are as important as Requirements Engineering and Interface Design.(This teaching profile is taught in English.)